Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Saturday, January 14, 2012

My White Queen

My White Queen

You hopped into my life
Un-alerted to move my being
You showered me a love so pure
That I could only imagine.
My great queen you are born to fly
And spread more magical wonders
Like such a passing time in my life
I thank God I'm alive.
I shall now let you go
For you deserve the sunshine more.

14 Jan'12.

( This poem inspired by a white praying mantis I saw at the farm today)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Adventure in Life
I've often wondered
what wonder is
of falling faith
in a disheartened soul
I've not been a Shakespearean man
to be or not to be
choice may be one too many
spoilt kids of yester years
time is running short in mortal me
and life continues to dare
my eagerness to know
have hastened to soar
this quest of maturing life
We're born to love
hope our burning desire
changing motivations through time
with unfaltering mind
must we move our being
in concert with nature
dancing its spirit
in awakening intelligence
to embrace dear life
that the veil of existence
tricks one to disbelieve
I'm much at peace
with a new-found me
much distanced before by design
but left alone
the nativity of living happiness
is a leap of faith I clung to
the everest of life
I treasure this mountain of faith
sipping its fountain of glorious giving
thirsed by a life-long adventure
the search of majesty
and truth it rewards
the skies sometimes smiled on me
after my lapses and setbacks
once clouded by weak faith
and fallen petals of disharmony
I pick to gather
the richness of humanity
and prolific prosperity
to share as a child of the universe
28 April, 2010.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

The point of it all

The craftiest of old hands
And latest survey know-how
Will meet to life's reliability
On a busy construction site
When two strings cross
A perfect needle point
You get practical with life's problems
Through the ages of use
A philosophy of life
That answers the science of knowledge
With the simple wisdom
Of a carpenter's loving hands
Stick to the knitting
The tapestry of life
A vision statement
You would love to sing
And be practical with dreams
Like stretched yet flexible carpenter strings.


Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sejenak Fikiran

Berebut-rebutlah mencari ilmu
Untuk mendakapNya
Moga jalan terang diberkati
Cahaya yang mengenalNya
Di lubuk rindu kehadiranNya
Siang bermesra kasihNya
Bermalam pada sayangNya
Redha dan takwa
Menyelami jiwa yang luhur
Ya Rabbi.

7 Ramadan 1430 H.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Dreamer

In the stillness of night
stirring my mind remote sleep
the drum roll of mysterious thoughts
have risen
from the endless reservoir
of the ocean deep.

The night floods have crept
the valley floors and crevices
have filled my wandering trails
every secret corners and hidings
that my consciousness has awaited
in loving ambush.

Wake up to the floods tidings
for it shall leave with the strike of day
fortify your thoughts and let none astray
direct and channel her captive spirit
and let it enter your receptive vision
to breathe her living spirit
for tomorrow your heart will rejoice
her fertile influence
by the light of day.

2 January,2009.