Thursday, July 17, 2008

Konvo Day

It was on Konvo Day
and I was on my way
from K.L. to Pulau Pinang
rocking away by railway.

I saw all around me
left, right, centre, forward
that obsessive word
money, money, money.

The train fare
the lounge suite
the photos and the food
savoured all my money away

How could poor souls survive
worrying about money
eats up my soul
every single hour,
every single day.

MOOD, 17.6.74

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Night and Me ( in six parts)

It was a cold July night
the rains have stopped
early in the evening
coolness was felt
the night was dark
the streets quiet
roads were free
the buildings in rows
only the blurred images
of the neon lights
did I see.

Here from above
the multitude of houses
I came down in my helicopter
to disturb not
the silent slumber
the warm embraces
sensual feelings
pleasurable moments
loving ectasy
in the burning erotism
of the young couple.

I rose up higher
laughing myself to Life
the mutual reward of giving
the satisfaction of my ideals
I share with my woman
deep in embrace.
In a moment of high happiness
we declared ourselves as one
united in desire
the longing of sharing
the longing of loving
of passion and affection
now trapped in one beautiful moment.

We remained lost in togetherness
unuttered in words
we embraced to love life
to live life
in sharing moments
the ups and downs
the totality of what will be.

I glided now into the calm night
to a world of deep meditation
stillness abound
rich in its stimulation
for in the thoughtful recesses
of his mind
the young scholar toiled
imagining and picturing
thinking aloud
discovering and synthesising
knowledge anewed.

How I love Life
and Truth it rewards
the curiosity and fire of learning
in practice of creative gifts
that has raised my being
my not-knowing
the brilliance and exposure
by the light of reason
imagination too.

I wandered about
the darkness and mysteries
of the night.
On every step I forward made
brilliance shone
my spirit blazed
the night stayed darkly.

My helicopter
brought me down town
among the conflagrations of
colourful neon lights
that adorned the streets and entrances
of the cold lonely night.
My eyes were caught
by the kicking of doors swung open
a man was pushed out
wrapped in dissatisfaction
walked out feeling hurt
worry and quilt
joy missed.
The prostitute
hands on her heavy hips
stood legs apart at the doorway
shouted obscenities at the man
giggled at life
the future what be
she banged the door
and turned back
into the dark corners
of undeserved life.

I looked behind me
the hours were late
the night more lonely
I flew faster
up and higher
running for the day
the brilliance to come.

MOOD, 30.7.74
( Remade continously)

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Reflection on Beauty

Beauty is seen
in the external appearances
in the minutest details
to the universal forms
in all solid forms
to seemingly formless forms.

Beauty is done
of actions caught or
in words spoken
Beauty is felt
is thought
is smelt
In outside appearances
we speak of Beauty.

But Beauty too whispers
smiling, strangely first to us
for Beauty challenges
inspires and motivates
encourages and provokes
Our mind ,body, spirit and soul.

The idea that conceptualises
Beauty as beautiful
is one that keeps on expanding
embracing and comprehending
holding us passionately
into a simple -
unity and harmony.

MOOD, 5.7.74

A Child is Born

When a child is born
Thoughts are many
Of food, medicine and money
An additional soul to love and cherish
Education, upbringing and prosperity
Let fortune and happiness befriend her life
Music and harmony ringing in her ears
Time will harbour and nurture her hopes
Joy and pride to crown her achievements
Give guidance and assurances in times of need
Confidence will grow in every thrust to live
Strive to the fullest she could aspire
Blessed are those that lead her way
To a nest she could rest and tender her young
A generation to proceed what is left undone

MOOD, 22.6.80

A Decade Ago

When I lifted this pen
to unleash my vented feelings
of thoughts in pain
to publicise that is private and dear
and seek out the reality that is Me
my thoughts were swayed
by slow indoctrination
that feeble my mind
and what am I?
was what you thought of me.

How removed I was from my inner being
to find not a composed man
but confused and lost.

Now the broken images
are pieced together
the patched pattern paints a tapestry
a serene lake that reflects peacefulness abound
that a decade ago was stormed
by thunder and rain.

When today I recall a decade ago
a life well-lived
is by far the greatest mark
that I shall ever leave
so my future generations should know.

MOOD, 12.5.80


brings imagination
ushers something done
makes me long again
for togetherness
thus being lonely
is a measure of my strength
and singularity
will and frailty
an island in the wide open sea.

The sweet sea sprays
breezes my spirit
on this beach I call love
to hunt for life's worth
may the red clouds pass
and blue waves washes
my eager footprints
on the sands of time
but deep in my heart's loneliness
is where my endeavour starts
setting a place for you
remembering you.

I long for you
when loneliness comes
to fill my soul
to the brim of joy
release me of my happiness
and together we'll build a dream
so perfect and certain
in our minds our happiness
shall reign supreme.

MOOD, 31.8.76.


Ah, my dear History
you inform me
and give me solace
despite the differences in time
Man has not changed much.
In his instincts and desires
and fundamental being
remains still a human creature
only his motivations
have been worth noting
he attempts and realises
his dreams ,whims and fancies
awashed in the pages of civilisation
his very best or very worst
he achieves and reflects
and so you, my dear
has been his achievement
the road he has trod
and continues to march on
in the field of time

MOOD, 30.7.74


Love is a burst of joy
A moment when two hearts
Feel so close together
Entranced in laughter
Wrapped in deep gratification
Satisfaction and feelings
Embraced in the oneness
And rhythmic song of joy.

MOOD, 14.7.74


While reading the philosophy of history
my eyes went free
the words kept disappearing
the paragraphs did not speak to me
just the hovering calling of a memory.

Suddenly, it was her
my mind wandered over
how untimely she came
out of the blank pages
out of a wandering mind.
She was about to whisper
when past moments
fast forward scrolled
of times walking her
back to her dorm
past the library hours
of sharing notes and laughter
those seemingly short hours
of longing and loving her.

But I fear of unreality
fear that my strongest hope
is but a figment of a frail mind
fear that my wanting her
will not meet the light of day.

The question; "What motivates men?"
plucked a thunder in my consciousness
and awakened me
to read dry history.

How forward could imagination bring
into the passionate then
fearful crevices of the mind
and out into the present realities
of now and what now?

MOOD, 3.10.74
(continuously remake)

Dark Nights

When the roads were wet
I would be on my way
Past lonely streets
The dark road ahead

Destined to her place
My single mind had said
To keep her in company
Whenever raindrops fell

We talked sweet nothings
Till the early morn
All those inhibitions and taboos claimed
Were now passive in our hands

O, dark nights,
You held our secrets
The pulsating of our hearts
In your darkness thundered

Our love blindness
You tenderly saw
Under your black clouds
Were mysteries we sought
Treasured were memories spent together
The courage in loneliness
And the meaning in silence

The early hours of dawn
Drew us a while
And those car splashes reminded me too
Blurry neon lights I left behind
But dark nights were always in my mind.

MOOD, 12.10.80

Doors of Life

Door of Life - the painting

Doors of Life - the poem

The doors of life are always open
But it is to open our mind and heart
To be self-concious of Life and Existence
that remains a task.

MOOD, 1.10.74


kesentosaan itu menetap di dada
alam sepi mententeramkan jiwa
yang ingin perdamaian
murninya kesentosaan bukan kepalang
tuah bertaburan dari jiwa
yang ingin ketenangan.

MOOD, 24.4.75

Tinta Biru

Se titik
perasaan hangat
cita bersemangat
fikiran jitu
yang menyelubungi kalbuku

mencakar kertas putih
membakar hati
menyerap rohani

ketinggalan cuma
tinta-tinta pudar
memikat ide
anak cucuku

MOOD, 26.4.81

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Gazes and Glances

Gazes she threw
made my feelings anew
of days and times
spent in the early morning dew.

Her glances paints
a romance story
of desires and loving her
of smiles so wide
and feelings tender
a heavenly beauty
so perfect and rare
has humbled
this believing heart.

Her sparkling eyes
has moved my soul
fantasies and flights of imagination
of moments when a wink
has beckoned this lonely heart
and melted a treasured memory.

Gazes and glances
casts of gold
brown eyes and sweet smiles
a timeless spell behold.

MOOD, 1 July '08.
Laman Kambatik, Bintulu.