Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A New 2009

Everyday in one tiny way
I be better , a lot wiser
That which swayed me by night
Unfetters by end of day
For the simplest truth I believe
Is to unveil and let barren my soul
To the Light of Day
To bathe in its Reason
And harvest her Intelligence.
So let go the load
This heavy heart carries
By which my alert life
Gains the little successes
And significant breakthroughs
The whole wide world need not reason by.
Just by the light breeze
The veil is lift
And with a determined hold
A fling casts tight
What is held with lesser might
Soar then high like a free hornbill fly
And breathe not the dirt below
To herald each waking day
With a freshness of mind and spirit anew
So my light tracks in living
Be blessed by the numbered days
Of every affirmation I daily claim
Made possible by the Majesty and Beauty
That my searching heart cry
Between the night slumber and
The twitter of a new day.

1 January,2009.
A Thousand Thoughts
Like dried leaves
On the jungle path
These thoughts have piled my mind
Through long, quiet country roads
Do you love your country?
Have we not filled the glass vase
A flower, bract and fragrance too
To seek out not too far of the beauty
Within our immediate garden
Of Life's greatness
That tenderly sew our longing
Of living, striving and winning
A thousand efforts
Honest ones that bespeaks our toil
Atop mountains and valley floors
Criss-crossing many conceptual maps
A career profile, a bio-data of a humane me
Have sparked a forwardness
Mindful of a blessed life has been
A tiny walk tomorrow may be
But must we plan
A thousand moves
For the success of tomorrow
Erupts from a fallen seed today
By a forest clearing
That shoots our labour of love
Henceforth the garden of tomorrow.

1st January,2009.