Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A Lovers' Walk

as we walked through
the field of flowers'
bright, yellow and red blossoms
we felt the wind
that washes our soul
purifies our entwined hearts,
and quickly left us alone
deep in nature's embrace.

At once we felt nature,
our great Mother,
how lovely, how caring
how free and understanding

to us
wrapped up in
that first embrace;
to remain
but ourselves.

we spoke
tirelessly and helplessly
in the arms of plain love.
we enfolded our arms
in wild desires
but feeling the softness
and gratitude of true love.

I smelt her brown hair,
touched it with my eager lips
and she rushed her hot , red cheeks
over my face
my ears
my neck.
We were then lost,
lost in oneness.

How blissful,erotic
how exotic, sensitive
she was.

We strolled again,
amidst the flowers
in the drizzly rain.
our hearts were soaked into one
as we held each others' hands
arms and waists
and walked unmindful
across the fields.

we felt no pain
only hope
that such a beautiful moment
and never end.

Mood, October'74.

1 comment:

Chahya said...

OMG, this poem is beautiful. The persona's feelings are vivid and alive. Keep on writing Sir.