Thursday, July 3, 2008

Dark Nights

When the roads were wet
I would be on my way
Past lonely streets
The dark road ahead

Destined to her place
My single mind had said
To keep her in company
Whenever raindrops fell

We talked sweet nothings
Till the early morn
All those inhibitions and taboos claimed
Were now passive in our hands

O, dark nights,
You held our secrets
The pulsating of our hearts
In your darkness thundered

Our love blindness
You tenderly saw
Under your black clouds
Were mysteries we sought
Treasured were memories spent together
The courage in loneliness
And the meaning in silence

The early hours of dawn
Drew us a while
And those car splashes reminded me too
Blurry neon lights I left behind
But dark nights were always in my mind.

MOOD, 12.10.80

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