Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Dreamer

In the stillness of night
stirring my mind remote sleep
the drum roll of mysterious thoughts
have risen
from the endless reservoir
of the ocean deep.

The night floods have crept
the valley floors and crevices
have filled my wandering trails
every secret corners and hidings
that my consciousness has awaited
in loving ambush.

Wake up to the floods tidings
for it shall leave with the strike of day
fortify your thoughts and let none astray
direct and channel her captive spirit
and let it enter your receptive vision
to breathe her living spirit
for tomorrow your heart will rejoice
her fertile influence
by the light of day.

2 January,2009.


Chahya said...

I could see you've written quite a number of new poems. I like them all, keep on writing :)
Oh, it's a new profile photo. I commented in my blog wondering if you are having a special occasion.

noshi mano said...
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