Thursday, July 3, 2008

A Decade Ago

When I lifted this pen
to unleash my vented feelings
of thoughts in pain
to publicise that is private and dear
and seek out the reality that is Me
my thoughts were swayed
by slow indoctrination
that feeble my mind
and what am I?
was what you thought of me.

How removed I was from my inner being
to find not a composed man
but confused and lost.

Now the broken images
are pieced together
the patched pattern paints a tapestry
a serene lake that reflects peacefulness abound
that a decade ago was stormed
by thunder and rain.

When today I recall a decade ago
a life well-lived
is by far the greatest mark
that I shall ever leave
so my future generations should know.

MOOD, 12.5.80

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