Thursday, July 3, 2008


brings imagination
ushers something done
makes me long again
for togetherness
thus being lonely
is a measure of my strength
and singularity
will and frailty
an island in the wide open sea.

The sweet sea sprays
breezes my spirit
on this beach I call love
to hunt for life's worth
may the red clouds pass
and blue waves washes
my eager footprints
on the sands of time
but deep in my heart's loneliness
is where my endeavour starts
setting a place for you
remembering you.

I long for you
when loneliness comes
to fill my soul
to the brim of joy
release me of my happiness
and together we'll build a dream
so perfect and certain
in our minds our happiness
shall reign supreme.

MOOD, 31.8.76.

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